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CRA-INITS promotes the appreciation of the Divine Comedy through a series of public meetings called "Dante's Evocation". These events consist of lectures in Italian on different cantos of the Divine Comedy, followed by dramatized readings from the modern prose version of the Poem, accompanied by original electronic musics, art exibitions, mimic dances and psychosuggestive digital scenographies. Every performance is followed by a discussion with Professor Balducci, the author of the modern text. "Dante's Evocation" encourages all artistic disciplines to interact freely with the richness of the Divine Comedy, helping participants and audience alike to approach through art the mystery of life. Carla Rossi Academy - INITS has also completed the master plan of a psychoeducational and multisensorial Divine Comedy Museum & Garden, which will be created in the province of Pistoia.

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The CRA-INITS Divine Comedy Project is promoting a modern poetic and interpretative re-writing in prose of Dante's vision (with more then five hundred artistic illustrations). The author of the literary work is the Italian poet and Dante scholar Marino Alberto Balducci, the illustrations are by the Tuscan artist Marco Rindori.