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Location - The Carla Rossi Academy -INITS is located in Monsummano Terme, in the heart of the Florentine countryside. While Florence, Pisa, Lucca and their tourist attractions are only a short train ride away, the close-by cities of Montecatini Terme and Pistoia offer visiting students a more intimate, authentic and welcoming study-abroad (and Italian-speaking) experience than can be expected in bigger cities, without lacking any of the amentities.

Field trips and extra-curricular activities will be scheduled throughout the semester.

Housing - students will be housed in single or double rooms in small, furnished appartments. They will have kitchen access.

Visa and Stay Permits - non U.E. students must apply for a student visa and should do so as soon as possible. Formalities for the stay permit will be taken care of once in Italy.

Lessons - individual music lessons with reknown musicians, dancers, painters and actors (such as members of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Axe Ballet of Antonella Tronci-Pistoia; the Compagnia Teatrale Progetto Idra of Marco Arrigoni-Montecatini Terme, the Artistic Laboratory of Marco Rindori-Marliana/ Pistoia) can be arranged. Please advise at time of application. Costs for these individual lessons are not covered by the program fee.

Computer - students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to work on projects and papers. Please buy an adaptor for your plugs (not a convertor, only an adaptor) before leaving the US.

Internet - Free internet access is available at the local library for 1 hour each day during library hours. Wi-fi access is sporadically available in some tourist areas. Internet points are available throughout the region. Students can also purchase their own wireless internet key (for around €99) and pay €15 for 100 hours of wireless internet access per month (prices based on the most economical offer available October 2008).

Cell Phones - students may bring their own cellular phones, as long as they are triband or quadband. Roaming from the United States is very, very expensive. If the cell phone takes a SIM card, students may purchase their own Italian SIM card once in Italy and make and receive calls and write text messages. A very basic cell phone (if your model doesn't have SIM card capability or isn't triband) costs around €49. Contracts are unusual in Italy and almost everybody uses prepaid cards with their cell phone. Making international calls from a cell phone, either with an Italian or a US SIM card, will still cost a lot of money.You will find having a cell phone indispensable during your stay in Italy.

Telephones - Purchasing an international phone card and calling from a public phone is the cheapest option for making international calls (€ 5 will allow you to talk for about 4 hours). International call centers with similarly convenient rates can also be found in most towns. Installing Skype on your computer and using it with wireless access is another valid option.

Gym and Swimming Pools - There are public swimming pools in Pistoia, Montecatini and Monsummano Terme. Students may also join private gyms at a special student rate. They must, however, bring the medical certificate stating that they are in good health with them to do so.


... and for an extra treat ... immerge yourself into the natural sauna "Grotta Giusti" right here in Monsummano, where you can experience Limbo, Purgatory and Inferno on your own body! Just click on the image!

Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa


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