Internship Opportunities

Many different Internship Opportunities are availble to students enrolled in this program, based on their interests and linguistic preparaedness.

All Internships will take place within an Italian-only speaking environment, and students will not be "used" for their proficiency in English or in other languages, as occurs with many similar Internship opportunities offered by other programs or in more "touristy" cities.

Students enrolling in one of CRA-INITS internships will be closely followed in their progress and will make a valid professional experience that will enhance their further career or personal goals.

1. Internships within the Divine Comedy Project

The Divine Comedy Project is an ongoing multi-disciplinary project sponsored by the City of Montecatini Terme, the Province of Pistoia and the Region of Tuscany, amongst others. Within the context of this project, students will have the opportunity to interact in a number of ways with professional artists, actors, dancers, a variety of offices and local politicans. Students with the required prerequisites may also actively participate in the Dante's Evocation project. Please see the Divine Comedy Project description for more information.

These internships are geared toward students interested in

Students at level 1 or 2 of Italian proficiency will partake in an internship within the Divine Comedy Project, where they will be closely monitored and followed by Carla Rossi Academy-INITS faculty and staff to guarantee their success, taking into account their language levels.

2. Internships at Local Businesses/Public Offices within the province of Pistoia

These internships will take place in carefully selected businesses within the province of Pistoia, where students will make a significant professional (and hopefully career-advancing) experience. Advanced Students wishing to complete their internship within the Divine Comedy Project may to do so with the approval of the Program Director.

Internship opportunities are available, but not limited to:

Students interested in making a precise experience for professional needs, are encouraged to contact the Internship Coordinator dottoressa Arianna Becchini to discuss the most appropriate assignment ahead of time.


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